I have a dream job. Writers from all over North America, indeed all over the world, share with me their creative and professional work, looking for advice. That kind of trust and partnership brings both professional and personal rewards.  Professionally, my world view expands with each manuscript I examine. And personally, I have been fortunate to have many of these writers become dear friends.
For over two decades years, I have mentored more than 400 writers in the production of books, essays, short stories, and even TV scripts, poetry, and artist project statements and books. I am always on the hunt for the next great work of fiction. The next great experience of wonder. My role is to see the openings for brilliance in a manuscript and help you fulfil that potential. When you submit to agents or bring your book to the world through indie publishing, you'll know it's ready.
What does this mentoring look like? Depending on the individual manuscript's needs, I lay out strategies for solving structural riddles and for building on strengths. I hone prose and strengthen voice. I pose questions to encourage clarity, and I give advice on pacing and tension. I ask writers about their publishing dreams and work diligently to see them fulfilled.
I work with established, emerging, and new writers—from brainstorming a proposal to polishing the final manuscript. I also review and create materials for agents and other submissions, including query letters and nonfiction proposals.
My job is to be here in whatever capacity you need to bring your stories and projects to publication. I look forward to hearing about your work.
Catherine Adams
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